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About Sandy

Hi there. Welcome to Sandy Eats! I’m Sandy. I’m not going to lie. I would eat all day long if my stomach capacity allowed for it. I love food and my life philosophy is to try any type of food at least once before saying no. For me, eating is happiness.  I enjoy sharing happiness with those around me. I love watching the smile spread across someone’s face as they savor the first bite of their dish. I love to cook, host parties, and clean up afterwards. These are the little things I cherish in life.

I’m very fortunate to live in San Francisco, one of the biggest meccas of amazing food, and I try to eat out as much as I can. This blog will also feature my husband, Chris and our little pug, Xena. They are both my biggest food critics. I’m not a classically trained chef, but I am a classically trained eater. I also watch a lot of food shows, own a lot of cook books, and subscribe to a lot of food magazines. My approach to food is to make it fun and delicious. Nothing should be scary or overwhelming and everything should be accessible and delicious. I also try really, really hard to make it pretty.

Originally, this blog was started as an electronic recipe book for myself. But as I continued to develop new recipes and shared it with everyone, the more I contemplated what it really meant when I created dishes. As an ABC (American Born Chinese), I’m often referred to as a banana – yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I always thought this was super funny because (1) I loathe bananas (can’t stand the taste, smell, texture – BLEGH) and (2) there’s no better way to describe me. So I find it humorous to create recipes where the food resembles one thing but tastes or has a texture of something else.

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cook. eat. drink. travel.