About Sandy

Welcome to Sandy Eats! Like many, I love food and my life motto is to try any type of food once before saying I don’t like it. For me, eating is happiness and I enjoy sharing that happiness with those around me. I love watching the smile spread across someone’s face as they savor the first bite of their dish. I love to plan menus, cook, and host parties for those around me.

We ate our favorite food truck as part of our engagement photo shoot!

Along with recipes, this blog features my husband, Chris, and our pug, Xena. They are my biggest supporters and biggest food critics. I’m not a classically trained chef, but I am a classically trained eater. I believe food should never be scary or overwhelming and everything should be accessible and delicious. It doesn’t hurt when it’s pretty too.

Originally, I started this blog as an electronic recipe book for myself. But as I continued to develop recipes, I contemplated what it meant when I created dishes. As I get older, I find myself being drawn towards Chinese foods I tried so hard to push away as a child. It could be nostalgia or finally having common sense, so I try to recreate traditional Chinese dishes with techniques or ingredients from other cuisines or regions of the world that I envision complementing each other. Does it always work? Not really. But it’s part of the experience!

I love working with new ingredients or products! I am currently accepting new clients who would like to sponsor recipes and content creation.

Email me for questions or collaboration requests.