Matcha Butter

Matcha Butter

I’ve always wanted to make my own butter, and I’m so sad I didn’t start sooner. It was so easy and the final product was super soft and creamy. I didn’t even need to use any special tools or equipment. All I used was an empty, clean mason jar and a lot of arm shaking.

I was actually in the middle of cooking other things in the kitchen so I recruited my husband’s help since he was mostly watching TV. He asked me what was the best way to shake the mason jar. I said, “Shake it like a Shake Weight.” (Does anyone remember those things????) He panicked at one point when the cream began to liquify, “OMG IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN?” Yes, babe. That’s the process. What’s leftover is buttermilk.

I added matcha to my butter because who isn’t on this matcha bandwagon right now? I know I’m all for it. I actually think butter is one of the few times that matcha would be the most appropriate flavoring. I was right. There was no other flavors for the match to compete with; just the rich and creaminess of the freshly churned butter. Since I used the last of my Minimal Matcha Monday, I figured I wanted to put the butter on something that I would really appreciate all the work that went into it. So I thought toast.

I put my match butter on toast with strawberry jam to emulate my favorite order from Boba Guys: the strawberry matcha. The sweetness of the jam pairs nicely with the earthiness of the matcha. I can’t wait to eat some more toast this week.

Matcha Butter

September 23, 2019
: 8 servings
: 30 min
: 30 min
: Easy


  • 1 tablespoon good quality matcha powder (I used Minimal Matcha's Monday)
  • 1 cup cold heavy whipping cream
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • Step 1 Add cream and matcha powder to mason jar.
  • Step 2 Shake the jar until a cream is formed. Continue to shake.
  • Step 3 At one point, the cream will begin to liquify.
  • Step 4 Add sugar and salt and continue to shake.
  • Step 5 Keep shaking until solids and liquid are separated (NOTE: you may need to put the mason jar back in the refrigerator at some point if your hands are warming up the butter too much).
  • Step 6 Rinse with cold water and squeeze out as much liquid from the butter as possible (by hand is almost impossible, try to use to twp paddles or spatulas to form a block and squeeze out the water).

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